2018 Watermelon Triploid Standard and Mini Watermelon Cultigen Evaluation Studies are published

— Written By Mary Lorscheider

watermelons in the fieldWatermelon standard size and mini watermelon cultigen evaluation studies were conducted at the Horticultural Crops Research Station in Clinton, NC in the summer of 2018. Growing conditions for the 2018 watermelon crop were generally very favorable throughout the season. North Carolina showed a modest increase in watermelon production from 2017 to 2018. NC State Extension Horticultural Science Vegetable specialist, Jonathan Schultheis, and Research Associate Keith Starke conduct annual variety trials on watermelon and other cucurbit crops. The results of the watermelon evaluations were presented at the 83rd Southern Region ASHS in Birmingham, AL . Visit the Cucurbit Variety Trials page to view all of the cucurbit variety trial reports.